Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Earring Display Tutorial

I've been needing to find a way to keep my earrings organized for a long time. Tossing them in a drawer wasn't doing anyone any favors, as you can imagine. I'd been thinking about some different things I'd seen online but not feeling committed to any of them. Inspiration, desire to organize, and 30 minutes of free time overcame me a couple of weekends ago!

Materials: an old picture frame (it's about an 8x10 or so), plastic canvas, and burlap. Using a craft knife, I cut the plastic canvas to just fit within the frame.

Next, the burlap was sandwiched between the plastic canvas and back side of the frame (at the bottom of the stack in this photo).

Using a hot glue gun, I attached the canvas and burlap to the inside of the frame. The glue gun I use is for low temps, so I was able to put a generous amount of glue down for 2-4 inches, then press the burlap and canvas on to it, causing the glue to come up through both and secure them to the frame. (But careful not to use so much glue that it makes a hideous mess on the front of the frame.) You should definitely use caution and not burn yourself on the glue or glue gun.

After the canvas was secure, I trimmed and glued down one inch (or so) of the burlap to the back side of the canvas.

That's it! The plastic canvas make it much more durable, but I'm glad I can't see it.

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