Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Holiday MADE Fair 2012

Vending for the second time ever, I was lucky enough to get in to the juried Missoula Holiday MADE Fair last weekend. More than a little intimidated to be a part of a show this size (120+ vendors) as a rookie, I can say it was definitely worth it.

This was the scene in the main room at about 7:30am (3.5 hours before the show began).
(looking closely, you'll see the taped off booth measurements on the floor)

Here's a similar angle of the same room at about 12:30pm.

There were stretches of time where it really did look like a river of people flowing around the room between the booths, occasionally one or two would bob from the herd to hop towards a booth. It was pretty interesting to witness so many people. And in usual Montanan fashion, everyone was so casual and courteous.

I rented the smallest sized booth available, 4' wide and 6' deep. I was sandwiched between a seed vendor (with the awesome flower sign seen here) and someone selling handmade bronze belt buckles (he hadn't arrived yet). It was a very very tight fit, but it was a good choice for this here newbie.

Preparing for the show last week, I put my etsy shop on vacation. Much to my surprise when I went to restock it today, I saw that my empty shop had been getting LOTS of traffic directed from a dig this chick blog post. It's definitely a highlight of my week, and it's only Tuesday! (If you're curious, another highlight would be my 4 1/2 year old daughter washing a sink load of dishes by herself. Incredible, right?)

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