Sunday, April 7, 2013

30 Days of Biking - Day 7 + Gardening!

The local deer have been browsing all winter on rotten crab apples that drop in our yard from the neighbor's tree. Now they think our yard and plants are for grazing.

deer stomps + seedlings = bad news
With a little searching online, it appears everyone has a favorite way to repel deer. And it also appears very little actually works. I decided to just put up some netting and see what happens.

hanger + wire cutters = ground anchors
flowers + Lenin bust = our flower garden
I hammered some wooden stakes at the back of the gardens and twist tied the netting to the top of the stakes. The bottom of the netting is anchored in the soil at the front of the bed with some ground anchors we whipped up. This side of the flower garden has iris, tulips, daffodils, and two kinds of hyacinth. Typically, the deer selectively eat the tulips. But this year they've been munching everything but the daffodils. I also planted greens in the other parts of the flower garden which are starting to sprout, and I'm not eager for the deer to get at those.

hoop house + garden = happy me
I'm super excited that I'm giving a small hoop house another go this year. Last years' attempt was an utter failure, so I'm shocked and thrilled that my family hasn't forbade me to attempt this again (it was that bad). Hoop houses are generally sort of an eyesore, but gardening in a zone 3 I really need to extend the season how I can. I'm hoping to warm up the seedling trays under here during the daytime.

low hanging clouds snowing on mountaintops
Temps were in the low 40s tonight, but there was no wind or precipitation falling in the valley. So it was perfect riding weather. I rode yesterday too, but just near the house and no photos.

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