Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Bicycle Maintenance, and 30 Days of Riding prepwork

As of April 1st, the warmer temperatures have finally melted the snow in our yard. So it seemed like it was time to give the bikes some attention. I used to do all my own bike maintenance and tune-ups, but I realized since my daughter was born (ahem - 5 years ago) I've gotten pretty lax about it. I mean, I haven't completely blown it off; I've just been doing the bare minimum and been sort of lazy about it. So, I was sort of dreading swapping the studded snows on the Radish, because it had been so long I thought I would tear an inner tube or something.

See you next Winter snow tires!
It was ridiculously pain free, and I shocked myself with how quickly I got it done. 

We have cars, so this one seemed pretty hypocritical.
I also took a hair dryer to some of the stickers that were on the Radish when we bought it, and they peeled of super easily.

This is not a singletrackin' bike. At least not in our family.
I used electrical tape to seal up where the v-racks insert into the back of the longtail. Hopefully this will keep water and moisture out, and the insides rust free.

I was feeling pretty good about picking up litter in the driveway the other day, until I realized 3 days later that one of the velcro straps from the freeloader bag was missing. Whoops.

 As luck would have it, I found this bag of similar velcro straps at a thrift store for 10¢ soon after.

Nicer than a leather shoelace.
I also gave the Raleigh some overdue attention, and I was so excited to be adjusting the brakes and using my favorite tool, a 4th hand cable puller, that I completely forgot to take any pictures.

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