Monday, February 11, 2013

Errandonnee - the beginning

I've been cautiously eager to get more miles on the Radish this winter, so when I saw The Errandonnee challenge up on chasing mailboxes d.c., I thought I'd give it a try. You can read the details on the original post, but the gist is to ride 30 miles and complete 12 errands in 12 days. 

Two errands were completed on today's ride: attending our community homeschool group and lunch at the Snack Station. Heading out the temperature was 20°, which I learned might be the minimum temperature I'd ride with my daughter at this age. I will say the homemade balaclava and goggles are really effective when she decides to wear them.

I'm completely satisfied with our studded snow tires. The road is so slippery and icy, I almost fell when walking across the street today. My husband is even wearing ice spikes on his boots when he walks to work. But the bike has never slipped a bit on the ice, which is giving me confidence to build up mileage.

The homeschool topic was beginning birding, taught by me. Our library, where our homeschool group meets, has a copy of Birds of America. It's locked in a glass case, but the pages are occasionally turned to show a different species. Today was one of favorite birds, the Cedar Waxwing.

Errands: Community Meeting & Lunch
Mileage: 1.46 miles

To Go - 9 days
Errands: 10 remaining
Mileage: 28.54 miles remaining
2 rides in the dark

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