Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Errandonnee - reCycling

Taking the recycling by bicycle is something I was pretty excited to try (we don't have curbside pickup). Recently learning that there is a back road to the recycling center meant I could avoid riding on the highway. Packing the longtail with big loads is getting easier. I've been able to carry more on the long tail with the kid than we're able to fit in the trailer. She also says riding on the Xtracycle with her feet on the boxes is better than riding in the trailer with groceries in her lap.

 She chooses to ride backwards with her leg on the box for fun, not because she's cramped.

I tried riding with a mirror (that came with the bike) on the handlebars for the first time. I've always sort of loathed them, for no particular reason. It's much more practical than I expected.

We also swung by the thrift store while we were out. Recently employees have been handing out inspirational quotes to customers, which I've found to be pretty awesome. The first time, I was handed a slip of paper when I payed at the register. It caught me off guard. Today, someone quietly walked up to me and handed me a slip of paper with a sideways glance, and without saying a word.

Errands: Wild Card & Any Store That is not a Grocery Store
Mileage: 3.71 miles

To Go - 8 days
Errands: 8 remaining
Mileage: 24.83 miles remaining
2 rides in the dark

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