Thursday, February 14, 2013

Errandonnee - midway

I guess I'm at somewhere near the midway point of the Errandonee. I've completed half the errands, but have more than half of the mileage to complete. This challenge has me realizing how different our current locale is from other places we've lived.

The library is one of two places in town that has a bike rack. There are two of these, and they both look like open books. Humorously, neither is fixed to the ground. In all fairness they might be frozen to the sidewalk.

More often than not, the bike is locked to anything stationary on the street. Most places I've lived would ticket me for doing this. But no one here cares. Sometimes, my husband and I lock our bikes together because there aren't other options.

I'm grateful for our bike shop. There is one employee: the owner. Today he was working on an exercise bike, which amused me for some reason. Besides mobile and immobile bikes, he works on skis, snowboards, and ice skates. It's a super small shop with a limited selection, but I'm happy to shop locally even if he sometimes has to place a special order.

I'm currently feeling discouraged by the weather, but I'm also remembering how much of cycling for me is mental. I'll just chalk this up to being the February blahs, and try to step it up and get some solo errands in to increase my mileage.

Errands: Library & Bike Shop
Mileage: 1.75 miles

To Go - 6 days
Errands: 6 remaining
Mileage: 23.08 miles
2 rides in the dark

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