Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Errandonnee - valley ride

For my second night ride, I rode before sunrise rather than at night. The lighting is the same as what I used before. Since don't ride in the dark regularly, I just swap between bikes.

 Mount Haggin - elevation 10, 607 feet

I've been padding my rides to reach 30 miles, and I've been wanting to ride through the valley for a long time so this was a perfect opportunity. Today I saw a red foxmule deer, several magpieraven, and heard some birds I couldn't identify. I saw a lot of cows, horses, and dogs too. Although we do have black bear and grizzly bear, then tend to stay in heavily wooded areas so I don't worry too much about bicycling in to a bear.

My biggest challenges with rural, winter, mountain riding are:
  • aggressive dogs running loose, only one chased me today (for about half a mile), but it seemed friendly (I carry pepper spray, just in case)
  • my water bottle froze shut, when I wrenched it open I saw the water was turning to ice
  • rough roads (winter is really hard on road surfaces)
  • keeping my toes warm
  • wind

Dough House Bakery - elevation 5335 feet

Errands: Breakfast
Mileage: 11.6 miles
1 night ride

To Go - 1 day
Errands: 1 remaining
Mileage: 3.71 miles

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